26 September 2016

[Out122ndWay] Just A Few More Photos From Midland Library's 20th

It's hard not to share every photo I took there. Here's just a few more of the best, though.

Cupcakes! These were seriously scrumptious.

Lovely little buttons for the collection.

The circulation clerks are like a rock band to me in this photo.

You want information? They got information. At that desk … and all the
shelves and computers beyond it.

Parents and kids, doing all the library things.
You can't not like that.

What was cool about the Aaron Nigel Smith band is what was cool about all
rock bands … the drummer was as unto himself, holding down the rhythm as
though he was taking his cues from a higher plane.

Midland staff: You want it (library-wise), they got it.

A luminous sunset over Midland Park caps the day.

I'm depending on at least 20 more years of awesome from this library. 

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