12 September 2016

[drawing liff] Figure Drawing For All It's Worth At A Price. Just One Condition …

Now, amongst all my interests I do flash searches for when on the premises at Powell's City o' Books, is Andrew Loomis. In one of my recent missives I did note that you can find some of his earlier works there in vintage collectible volumes, and a particular Walter Foster release of his, originally priced at $1.00, was on sale for $45.00.

I don't criticize here. I handled it most thoughtfully. Its condition was immaculate.

So, when I did a customer lookup for Loomis and found that Figure Drawing For All It's Worth was on sale for the unexpectedly delightful bargain price of $14.95, you know I had to look that stuff up! I noticed, though, it was trade paperback, in the Red Room, Japanese language-generic.

Hmm. The hunt, however, was on. It was more difficult than anticipated, or maybe as difficult as anticipated, because its size and cover design made it blend in with the rest of the Japanese books, which all share a similar design and color grammar. But I did find it. And here it is:

And it would have gone home with me, at that price, but the value of Loomis' texts is that there's a wealth of warmth, humor, and knowledge in the words, and with me being absolutely illiterate in Japanese, it would never be more than an interesting bagatelle around here.

If you read Nihongo, and love drawing, though, there's a treat for you waiting at Powell's right now. They have just the one copy.

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