25 September 2016

[Out122ndWay] Aaron Nigel Smith Plays The Midland Library's 20th

I did mention that, in my previous missive, there was music to be had. This was a moment of discovery.

I was told it was going to be reggae, but it wasn't, not really, at least not when I stepped in. There was this energetic quartet playing poppy music to a group of parents and kids who were eating it up. The parents were entertained and the kids just couldn't not dance.

This was the Aaron Nigel Smith band, and they were there to please the parents and get the kids happy and they knew what they were doing. I wasn't sure how I would receive the music myself but the style was infectious and pretty soon I was tapping my toe as well. Of course, many many years ago a man wise in the ways of musical appreciation told me there was nothing like live music, and this was one of those moment when I realized how right he was.

Aaron Nigel Smith
His mission is stated on his web page thusly:
Aaron Nigel Smith's “Call To Action” is to get kids and families to sing, dance and play together. In 2002 he founded FUNdamentals of Music and Movement, an arts program which is now the     program of choice to over 100 early education centers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, NewYork and Boston. His fun, inspired, and lively show is guaranteed to get the audience off their feet.

That is one seriously gorgeous 5-string bass!

It was all fun and games until the Simon-says.
After that it was fun and games too,
Just slightly more fun fun and games.

The full-fathom four. Seriously? That was some confident musicianship going on.
They were very enjoyable to watch.
The website for Aaron and his band is http://www.aaronnigelsmith.com. There's videos. 

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