21 September 2016

[teh_funnay] Only 80s Music Can Fixx America Now

The campaign banner joke has been pretty played out recently; blandishments to support Republicans for Voldemort or Vote Cthulhu: Why Settle for the Lesser Evil get a bit tired after a while.

But my knowledge of the lyrics of a certain favorite song of The Fixx and the fact that I'm tired of a certain candidate's deception without any tact and the sight of a Fixx tour t-shirt with the line clipped out reading like a campaign slogan kind of forced my hand. You might say one thing led to another.

I'd vote for Cy. Sad he's not an American citizen.

He's in favor of standing tall, against red skies at night, and on health care, he's noted that the wrong antidote is like a bone in the throat.

Those are all positions I can get behind.

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