04 September 2016

[Out122ndWay] Divsion St: Fog, The Herald Of Fall

It's September in Outer East Portlandia, and with it comes the fog, in on little cat feet, or however it gets here. And it comes down to the ground and makes faerie tunnels of major throughfares.

I love foggy mornings. Bracing. Invigorating.

The pictures were taken looking east from about the 11800 block of SE Division Street. The first signal is the one at SE 119th. The far one is the one at SE 122nd. The signs on the building just ahead and to the left there are on McGee's Pub, a newer tavern on the corner of SE 117th that, unlike most attempts as eateries and drinkeries in that building that have come and gone since KC's Pub about a decade and a half ago, seems to be surviving. 

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