26 September 2016

[Out122ndWay] The Midland Library Clock Tower At Night

In the piece on the Midland Library's 20th, I mentioned the clock tower over the main entry and how nice it was, how it makes me feel just to look at it, and how it's the kind of landmark you can say you can meet someone under, say, Meier & Frank style (you'll get what I mean there if you've been a Portlander long enough).

The spouse and myself went by there to drop off some book returns and it was well after dark; I realized that, lit-up, it was quite pretty, and that I hadn't had a single picture of that. So, here:

Isn't it beautiful?

And a gently hilarious thing. Look just to the right of the word LIBRARY there and you'll notice a white light. That's the OPEN sign.

It's after 9 PM when this photo happened. Why should you taunt me so, library.

But … I love you, Midland Library. I could never stay mad at you. 

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