24 September 2016

[liff] How We Do Affirmations Around Here

I've always held a very skeptical view of the affirmation. As implemented around me, I seem to interpret it as people passionately wishing to the aether which contains some immanent presence that answers them if they ask hard or long or passionately or artfully enough.

That doesn't quite work for me. I don't think there will ever be any conclusive answer to the question of is there an animating force to the universe and if so, it'll be different for each and every person who answers. I, however, do realize that we human people seem to be configured with an metaphysics plug-in, so I try to keep it, at least, fed in some way. What I have for a psyche seems to work a little better that way.

All that said, the properly-worded affirmation seems to have a positive effect on the mood. I seem to wilt less in the face of travail that way. So, taking my cue from an 80s song by The Sherbs, and arraying certain tools about me, I acknowledge that I am worth believing in by myself, and it helps.

Ain't no magician, no miracle maker. True, that. 

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