23 September 2016

[cartoon] The Story of Major Tom, the Space Cat

I am involved in the project of a very good friend who gave me motivation to draw, at last.

You can look a lot of places to find motivation, and sometimes, when it's pressed upon you, that's the best thing.

Anyway, her name is Amanda, and as a friend, I love her lots; she's got an idea for a work involving cats in SF (I won't say exactly what, it's her baby, and she deserves to aborn it. I'll not steal that thunder). It requires cat cartoons.

Now, a cartoonist or an illustrator is something I've always fancied becoming. So when she asked me if I could draw cats, well, I can draw anything I set my mind to, even if the muscles are out of practice, so I jumped at this chance. Science fictional fuzzbutts? Totally sign me up for this. So, after a bit of experimenting, I came up with this spacesuited guy. If he seems bewildered, well … what cat hasn't?

Meet Major Tom. Tom Cat, of course.

He kind of named himself. When I grew up, you had to be in the military to pilot one of the big birds. And, well, 'tom' cats are a thing, and after I had him inked in, I knew it was Major Tom I was looking at.

His last known transmission?

My Dog … it's full of 'nip …

When he gets back, he'll certainly be a happy guy.

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