08 September 2016

[cartoonists] A Couple of Andrew Loomis Links For Your Delectation

Forgot a couple of sites that I should link you to in the last article, so here's a nifty little list:

  1. JVJ Publishing's one-page bio on Loomis. Rich in good illustrations: http://www.bpib.com/illustrat/loomis.htm
  2. A single page with several Loomis illos can be found at http://www.oklahoma.net/~silvrdal/loomis2.html
  3. Art blogger Armand Cabrera has a short article at his Art and Influence blog here at http://www.artandinfluence.com/2010/08/william-andrew-loomis.html
  4. The page Save The Books has links to help you acquire Loomis works: http://www.saveloomis.org/
  5. Here's an Ebay page selling Andrew Loomis: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/andrew-loomis
  6. And, of course, Titan Books' page where you can get them new and direct: http://titanbooks.com/creators/andrew-loomis/
  7. Lastly, a preloaded Google Image search so you can go right to the experiential goods, because I am the nice one. 

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