27 July 2005

[design] Good Design on a CD ROM?

The ad was mailed to me by some spammer-who knows who any more-proclaiming the truism that "GooD DeSigN is GooD BusiNesS".

Ah, indeed.

You want a corporate identity? Want some "excellent corporate logo for company"? Wish to design your website?

The mailing is an oxymoron. Maybe good design is good business but, as sure as anything, you won't get good design by buying a CD-ROM full of design templates that come from God knows where.

Over "1000 logo's" for your corporate identity? This is offensive-if you want a logo that really belongs to you, it has to be designed with and for you. If this is a design school, it's the "lets throw it all up against the wall and see what sticks" school.

Of course, charmingly ensconced at the bottom of the email is an opportunity to opt-out of future mailings, which is actually a way of telling spammers you are a live address.

I mean, geez.

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