17 July 2005

[sundial_life] In Praise of Gray Cats

There are two worlds. Before the loss of unsere Hauptkatze, the Keeeton world. Now, the post-Keeeton world

I know you're really not supposed to mourn a beloved pet this long. It's been-what, most of a year?-but me and The Wife[tm] occaisionally meditiate and get a little weepy-eyed about the things Keeeton would do, the poise and almost-unearthly wisdom and presence of a gray-and-white street kitty who lived with us for 18 years.

That, my friends, was a hell of a cat.

A few days back The Wife[tm] emailed me the following link. The kitty is just about the spitting image of Keeeton, though Keeeton broke more toward the Chartreuse breed while Bink is clearly closer to the Russian Blue.

But it's almost as though that gray-and-white kitty were back, looking at me.

Bink and Keeeton both share another attribute; Bink has also passed along, after a long, full, happy life with his people.

Clicky thee here and catch the fuzzy cute power of Bink.

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