29 July 2005

[pdx_media] Mike Donahue and A Very Personal Admission

Mike Donahue, stalwart of local media, Mr Newsroom 6, and the Portland area's closest thing to Dick Clark, has made a public statement: it would seem he has signs of prostate cancer.

Last night I watched what was apparently part two of a three part report on his diagnosis. Prostate cancer is a scary thing, when I think about it. It seems to be the only cancer that men risk whose probablilty approaches 1.00 if a dude lives long enough.

So Mike, in the tradition of all those who want to advise those with a risk of how to prevent a totally preventable thing, is going public with his own story of diagnosis and standing on the brink on how to attack it.

This story on KOIN.com is a version of what he said on the air. It's worth reading.

Mike, I may not amount to too awful much, but I grew up watching you on the air and you're still my favorite newsguy. I'm pulling for you.

If I understand correctly, the chapter of his story detailing his opportunities for treatment run tonight. I plan on watching it.

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