17 October 2006

[or_politics] So, O, How's That Saxton Endorsement Working Out For You?

As a Democratic voter I was as astounded as anyone by that bizarre Saxton endorsement TheO on Sunday, and found myself wondering if the paper had been paying attention to its own reportage over the past few months.

I will admit to a bit of despair. What is it with these people? I'm an Apple Mac user and they accuse me of living in a reality-distortion field? Although, I do wonder if someone let Reinhard have the keys to the car that weekend; it reads like one of his columns.

Looking at todays Letters page in Living provides some substantial salve for the soul. From TheO:
From Saturday afternoon, when The Oregonian's endorsement of Ron Saxton for governor first appeared...we recieved 140 letters in response. All but four criticized the endorsement and pledged support to Gov. Ted Kulongoski.
Emphasis is emphatically mine.

Remember what Abe Lincoln said, boys: you can't fool all the people all the time. I know it looks that way these days. But you really can't. And if you insist on trying, eventually..well, you'll kinda look foolish.

And not in the good way.

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