29 October 2006

[font] Found: Tales of Typographical Horror

Well, it won't be that scary, but still.

At the quite rather funny LMNOP, there's a Halloween special: America's Most Fonted, seven atrocious fonts made even more atrocious by thier faddish overuse. Naturally, MS Comic Sans makes the top of the list (nothing personal, Vincent, I'm sure), but there are also fonts out there that are just tore up from the floor up that you didn't know had wormed thier way into way-too-widespread use until someone pointed it out to you.

People wonder why typophiles get all up ons (a phrase I use here incorrectly) over things like that. They wonder, that is, until you see fonts like MS Comic Sans and Curlz on warning signs like "High Voltage". And I've seen both.

That usually changes people.

And, over on Designorati, Pariah Burke has once again mounted a popular feature–300 free Halloween fonts. People love free fonts, and these are universally cool for private use, to give your Halloween documents that "spooky" touch.

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