07 October 2006

[distractions] The Last Word On Hell's Kitchen...Seriously.

A confession: for a little while I was also hoping to make a little traffic off the interest in Hell's Kitchen, trying to find little bits of the career of Heather West and, naturally, Gordon Ramsay, who's become something of a hero to me.

In this entry I was planning to append things I found out about any subsequent doings. As time wore on things dropped off, which I expected, but any appeal I had issued for tips fell on apparently uninterested ears despite the hits it generated (and it still does pick up a few hits now and again). There was never any demand to expand it into a blog of its own, though we were kind of hoping.

So, the buzzing little source I was hoping to become didn't pan out; so it goes. Time to tie this loose end off and move on. We do, however, look very much forward to next year, and what happens in the third series of HK.

If a drib or a drab of Heather news comes our way, count on it going up, of course!

Saynoara till then, donkeys!

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