27 December 2006

[bits] The New Blogger, or Another Unnecessary Reminder That I'm Not Cool

698 It's frustrating to wait on some things.

For months on months now, it seems, I've been hearing about the run up to The New Blogger. I've been waiting very patiently to go on over because, well, I looked at it when it was called Blogger in Beta, and we have found it to be nice indeed. I want to convert when I can.

It's turning out to be a very discouraging wait.

Some people have been seeing the migration invitation coming and going on their dashboard. I am not one of those.

It's remarkably hard to find an unambiguous, helpful answer to this. There are some people migrating and blogging their experience but they are more than the usual end-user and tend to communicate in an ethereal language I have a little trouble following. And the Blogger help page you're directed to if you try to initiate the switch is singularly unhelpful.

Notably, I've been hearing rumors of migration problems. Some blogs taking over a day to migrate over, particularly. A poster to the "Beta No More!" topic in the "How Do I?" section of the Google Groups Blogger Help Group (Google signin required if you want to participate) just now complained that even though their Blogger blog has less than 300 posts it's still migrating over after 4 hours' wait.

So, maybe even though I really want to use the New Blogger maybe it's just as well I've not been invited yet.

I'm a big fan of Blogger; it's made having a blog a real no-brainer. But the old-to-new migration? Definitely thumbs-down on that. Lots of complaints and no real help or answers. I was figuring they could pull it off a little better than that.

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