30 December 2006

[design, bits] The New Face Of Photoshop 1: The Splash Screen & The Dock

703 Here, I present to you what looks like the new splash screen for the upcoming Photoshop CS3 Standard (clicky to embiggen):

Neat. Sweet. Petite (actually not sure about that last one...). This was, by the way, processed for web display in Photoshop CS3 public beta, so it's a quick dry run as well. The interface has some interesting improvements, but that's for another program. At this point the menu item File>Save for Web... has become File>Save for Web and Devices..., so we can see that Adobe is really keen on representing on the mobile platform.

Actually, we're still torn about this new look. Sure, slick and professional–but cool to the point of being cold.

Well, like I said earlier, I suppose it will grow on me.

Moreover, here's what it looks like in your average Mac OS X dock:

This is what we mean by 'underdesign'. From the left, then: a slice of the iTunes icon, Mac OS X System Preferences, NeoOffice, Firefox, Activity Monitor, PSCS3, Preview; after the division bar: my home directory with custom icon, Applications directory. the PSCS3 icon looks kind of drab (if functional) next to its prettier neighbors. The gradient gives it a certain visual punch–but not much.

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