28 December 2006

[pdx] One Bandwagon I Don't Mind Jumping On

701 Amanda Fritz's New Blog.

I voted for her. I liked the way she ran her campaign, I liked the way she was straight up with us voters. I liked someone who was truly grass roots and not astro-turf. I liked the way she took VOE and showed us all how to do it was supposed to be done.

I liked the way she came to it as a calling, not a crass or cynical way to acquire power. Believing in a candidate may sound corny, even in these post-post-irony times, but she actually stirred that feeling in me.

Everything Emilie Boyles was, she wasn't, and you know that's a good thing.

Frankly, I hope she tries again. I'd vote for her again.

In the meantime, I link. And sometimes, I even comment.

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