11 September 2008

[design] I Always Wonder If You Got Ticketed For This Sort Of Thing


(via LP Cover Lover) An old album cover out of the neverending cascade of ironic goodness that is  LP Cover Lover:

Anyone who's ever loved looking through old record covers at vintage stores (or had parents or grandparents who had LP collections and you enjoyed looking at the sometimes-godawful cover designs without actually caring what was on the vinyl) will absolutely love LP Cover Lover, which takes and unflinching and unafraid (and some of those things are extremely flinchworthy and fear-generating) affectionate look at the dog's breakfast that was LP cover design.

Go forward into the past with LP Cover Lover ... here.

As far as the being ticketed here ... I note the title above as Music for Skiers Only. What if you weren't a skier, and you played the disc? Would legal trouble appertain perforce? And if you played that Ken Snyder album without being specifically asked, would a cite be involved?

Do the "DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG" police still exist? I'd heard they were disbanded in 1979 or so.

Just wondering.

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