07 November 2010

[liff] It's Mahtab's Big Kid Cooking Show ... The Much Anticipated Episode 8

ZOMG, you guys ... it is, indeed, Mahtab's Big Kid Cooking Show, Episode 8, starring the cutest, smartest new celebrity chef out there, and her guest-chef, Gilbert.

Today it's fruit kebabs-delightful, healthful, kid-friendly, and delivered with only the panache that Mahtab herself can bring. Here you are:

It's true, hummus is something you can never say you really like until you've tried it, and the hummus-cracker-tomato idea sounds pretty delectable actually.

Go watch Mahtab, leave nifty comments for her on her YouTube video page, and encourage her. Passion is sweet and keen to watch, yes?

Four stars for this one.

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