03 November 2010

[OR liff] The Election Comes To The Suburbs

No matter how the election turns out, the enduring memory will not be so much who wins or who loses (considering) but the effect, I think, on traffic.

Here's how we roll, out 122nd way.

The most popular drop site is the Midland Regional Library branch, on SE 122nd Avenue at Morrison Street. The libe itself is a wonder and a beauty, and an essential part of our lives. And, ideally located in what I like to think of as "downtown 122nd Avenue", near SE 122nd and Stark, it is near a major transit point.

A lot of people come and go through there, and know how to get there. So, it's a natural. And here's what you faced if you chose to run that gauntlet:

Southbound 122nd's lanes are directed into the library parking lot. Once in, you were directed westward through the lot, toward the end that abutted the park, where the permanently-installed ballot drop box is. You drop your ballots, and exit the lot, directed southbound again on 122nd. If you were actually visiting the library, as we were, you do a dance with your fellow cars in the stream angling for a parking space.

Yeah, it's a bottleneck and a bit of a snarl, but it's the price of democracy.

After concluding one's business at the libe, we go south on 122nd, turn a yewie as soon as safe and apparently-appropriate, and repair to the Burgerville at 122nd and Stark, assuming a space near the big curving window at the north end of the building and view the things that perforce ensue, which is a whole bunch of cars coming from the west on SE Stark Street and from the north on SE 122nd Avenue and place bets on whether or not some of the ensuing ensuage involves democratic fender-benders of the people.

It did not.

And so it goes.

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