02 April 2009

Ahem. If I May Be A Little Impertinent And Ranty Here?


Now that Actual Big Important Portland Bloggers have discovered the news item that Tom Peterson's has cleared off, I'd like to point one little thing out:

I had the first posting up on it by anyone. It was on the 18th of March, if anyone cares to check.

Another Portland Blog noticed it and had the extreme class and courtesy to link to and at least give me the hat tip. That's highly excellent. Another Portland Blog is near the top of the Nifty for me. The fellow who has crafted a very loving Wikipedia article on Tom Peterson is also back in contact with me and I'm changing the permissions on my TP photos in my flickr stream so he can use them there. Because that's the way I roll, yo.

But at least one other local blogger read that one, complete with a link back to me, and didn't think I was important enough to mention. That's not excellent. It's also hard to understand, given the perception and the experience that that at-least-one-other-blogger has.

And so what if this post seems a little tantrum-y? Normally I have the dignity to continue on as though typically being treated as one of the ignorable rabble by the PDX Blog Cool Kids club is the order of the day.

Despite being seen as unfashionable, though, I seem to have attracted a core of regular readers and some fascinating people who actually went to the trouble of linking to me (you guys know who you are). And I am always publicly grateful for when someone links to me. I make it a point to give credit whenever I possibly can.

But sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself. There are a great number of enjoyable blogs out there that just get endlessly scoffed at by people who weren't always the most popular bloggers in town themselves. And you know who you are.

Would a hat-tip and a little credit have killed you?

Hissy fit over.



Alan Bluehole said...

In academia, we call that plagiarism. I sure hope this big important blogger isn't in academia or law or something.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

You evaluation is food for thought, is the most pointed thing I shall say at this time.

I have a lot less experience than you in pursuing academic fraud, but I don't think there's a really strong hook to hang it on. I could be wrong there. Interesting point to bring up.

My whole reason about being wounded about it all is that it's kind of a low-class thing to do for someone with a reputation of being thorough-opinionated, but thorough.

Actually I wasn't surprised all that surprised. I was bugged, since APB was polite and excellent enough to provide a link back to me, but not that surprised.

What really irritated me was when Willamette Week's blogger noted every other source that posted on the thing ... except me, the person who'd actually bothered to go out and find this amazing thing, and actually had pictures of the thing, and original words, and for some reason this big blog ethic where everyone is equal gets tossed away, and we all go to the "go-to" blogger about it.

Well, as long as my post says "18 March" on it, I'll have the scoop and the score. They can ignore it, but they can't take that away.

And I do sincerely feel that there are a ton of PDX blogs out there that just never get read because they get denied the respect they deserve.

It's like the man said: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

I think I need to let this one go now.