29 April 2009

Alaska Airlines New Slogan, Reinterpreted

2046.Alaska Airlines' new slogan, North of Expected, is an awkward collision of subjective experience and a geographical verity. Once I heard it, it got under my skin and stayed there, and bugged me.

North of expected? Yeah, I get the play on Alaska being north and "north" also meaning above and beyond (what do they say in Argentina, I wonder? I'm expecting you guys to go above and beyond ...  I want the result to be south of what I expect of you!.

All I could think about being north of Expected was those little inset maps you got in the old Rand McNally Road Atlases, the ones with the simplified roads, and the squishy vague details:

As you can see on my map, Alaskaairlines is north of Expected, alright. Just north, as it happens.

There. I feel better now.

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