17 April 2009

TriMet Map Cover Designs: 1991, 1992

2033.From 1988 through 1992, we didn't live in Portland but rather Corvallis. We therefore were not able to get a TriMet Guide for every year, though I was able to obtain a couple when visiting up here in PDX.

The Tri-Met Map had adoped a different approach to layout, as far as the cover fold went; a bit of type that matched the type style on the cover, but no cover art as such. The title panel became more of a place to house the title art, cartouche-style; when it was folded, you could see that it was, in fact, the map, but no cover art was transfered into the design from the cover of the schedule book.

The maps themselves didn't change too much. The style of the maps themselves will be the subject of another series of posts, though.

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