02 April 2009

J. Alfred Proofreader, On The Road

2010.My favorite public copy editor, J. Alfred Proofreader, has taken his yellow pen and used it to improve road signs in his own back yard:

Photo credit J. Alfred Proofreader; all rights remain
with creator

Putting TEANFLY over TEANECK scans well, I admit, but even I know it's Tenafly. J. Alfred's blog has a nice little bit of history on the place; I found it quite enlightening and interesting.

I remember that we had very visible signs announcing the Morriosn Bridge over SE Grand Avenue and a exit sign for Hanies St. over I-5 once. Sadly, I did not have a digital camera then.

And so it goes.


Alan Bluehole said...

Wasn't Teanfly a movie with Jason Bateman?

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

No, Teanfly was the role Michael J. Fox played in that blockbuster Forward Into The Past Of The Future.

The spelling is close, so I can understand the confustication.

Also, Jason Bateman looks like a somewhat larger version of MJF, so I can see the obstrepation there as well.