06 April 2009

NW32 TV: When Street Blade Design Meets Logo Design

2017.(Via drchaps's blog at Oregon Media Insiders)Say you're branding a TV station. Say you want to give it a real PDX identity. Say you want to make it appeal to the city kids. Say you're a CW Network station (and I've lamented their empire style before).

What's a good way to go urban and make it stick?

Having your brand name on a street blade ain't a bad way to start:

(image screenclipped from the http://nw32.com website)

I've lamented before that I misse the days when the station's call sign was part of the marketing, but I recognize that branding moves on. And I like this!

It should be obvious as to why (especially given the street blade geeking I've been doing lately), but there's more than just that.

First, the logo itself is executive very well. Once again, a little design goes a long way.

Second, including the a mansard roof that resembles one on the Public Service Building, a notable downtown landmark, in the background with the logo in foreground puts you right in an urban frame of mind.

Third, the mark NW 32 .COM rather resembles the look of a Portland street name.

And that fanning blue tones in the background? I just enjoy that.

32 is apparently still a CW station, but has decided, for whatever reason, to break away from the rather yawn-i-licious CW branding pack.

Good for them. This is a welcome refresh.

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