16 April 2009

TriMet Map Cover Designs: 1986, 1987

2031.Now for the next two in our Series: Tri Met Map cover shots for 1986 and 1987. It was a turning point for TriMet; for the first time in the organization's modern history, rail comes into the mix.

Clicky to embiggen the photo. MAX – The Metropolitan Area EXpress, of course – debuted on 5 Sep 1986, and if you think it's hard to find a seat on the train now, then you don't know – it was murder then! Everyone, but everyone had to be down at Pioneer Square to ride the Metro area's newest toy and everyone loved it.

I know. I was there, man.

TriMet was justifiably proud of pulling this one off and featured it as the centerpiece of both years designs. On the first one it was all about MAX, and on the second one, one of TriMet's old articulateds shared cover space with the MAX at Southwest 6th and Morrison – Portland's cutting-edge transit at the front door of Portland's Living Room.

Those were heady days.

The MAX System has sprouted and grown, now with branches going to Hillsboro, PDX, soon to go to Clackamas Town Center, and WES has been grafted on with commuter rail to Wilsonville. But then, it just got you to and from Gresham, and we loved it.

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