09 April 2009

Liquitex's "The Acrylic Book": A Unique Art Supply

2024.For a person who produces rathermuch less art than he's able, I am one with an endless fascination for art supplies. I just walk into an art supply store, and I feel refreshed. I don't know why that is.

But I do know enough about oils and watercolors to take 'em out, slap some on some ground, and paint away even if I don't know what end I'm working to. But there's one art material that intimidates me, and that's acrylics.

Acrylics are amazing, actually. They can be thin like watercolors, or thick like oils. They lend themselves to a great many styles and modes of painting.

And once they dry, they're permanent. You can't lift color as you can with watercolors. They're durable, but one mistake and you're forever, as several pullover shirts lost to history when I was a kid playing with acrylic paint-by-numbers would testify to – if they were still around. And that's what spooks me.

Seriously, I don't know why. Oil paints don't scare me, and they are just as demanding in thier way.

Anyway, we were at one of our favorite places a couple of days ago (I've Been Framed at Foster and Powell), and The Wife™ picked up an amazing little book. Doubtlessly compiled to help sell the brand, Liquitex's The Acrylic Book is also simply a very engaging book for any artist. It explains acrylics, what they can do, what they can't do, and shows what artists-grade acrylic paint can be made to do with a bunch of suggestions for techniques, crafts, and applications.

What really won me over about this book was, even though Liquitex claims copyright on it, and you can buy it off the shelf for about $5, you can copy it off and give it out to your friends, enemies, and frienemies.

Seriously. Here's the notice from the back page (emphasis theirs):

The ColArt Group, maker of Liquitex products, authorizes the reproduction of the copyrighted information included in the Liquitex Acrylic Book, s the information specifically appears in the publication. Excerpts and sections taken from The Acrylic Book may not be reformatted or edited in a way that compromises the integrity and accuracy of the publication. Information reproduced from The Acrylic Book and used in instructions, printed materials, or on a Web site must be credited to Liquitex®. The Liquitex Acrylic Book is under license from ColArt Group.

Which I just think is kind of nifty. They seriously want you to have a copy of this book. How seriously? Well, it's a bargain at $5 off the shelf ... or you can just download a free PDF copy.

An interesting and compelling way to get people to try out acrylics, at least. We approve.

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