08 April 2009

The Made In Oregon Sign: Settled, But Sadly, No Unicorns

2022.Those who were expecting a steel-cage death match between Randy Leonard and Dave Frohnmayer (or maybe one of his seconds) were to be disappointed in Council, according to PMerc's Matt Davis, who reports a very convivial resolution, resulting in this pleasing (albeit Unicorn-free) design:

Image cropped from the version on PMerc's site.
Used for illustration purposes only pursuant to fair use;
content creator reserves all rights.

Altho I don't quite get how the U of O buying the sign means Commish Randy can say "this is the final version of the sign", but I don't pretend to understand how (or why) city government works.

That's Matt's job. Maybe he'll explain in the next Hall Monitor column.

Also, I want a big screen TV like the have in Council chambers. That thing's sa-weet!

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Dale said...

Leonard's comment makes no sense to me, either. But oh well. Too much of our all too brief lives have already been frittered away on this.

I like the new design. I liked yours better, but this is fine -- blue and green are, arguably, a little more Portland-y.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

I've been doing a bit of digging about and I'm getting the impression that the UO did the deal to prevent Randy from going ahead with condemnation, which, my flawed understanding suggests, is something that the City would probably win on.

Also I understand that the City has first option for purchasing the sign itself if the U of O should ever give up the building, so that's a plus, I guess.

The colors really appeal to me too. I like the simple word "Oregon", and something Mayor Sam is reported to have said in Council ... that it signifies "one Oregon" ... is a good observation.

Time for us all to move on, and for me to find another gimmick.

Sigh. C'est la guerre, mon frere.