08 April 2009

Harry Knowles Got To See Star Trek Before The Rest Of Us. @#%&!ing Bastich.

2021.(via) I hate Harry Knowles.

Yeah. Mr "Ain't It Cool." Hate him.

Because he gets to screen the new Star Trek reboot by luring a bunch of fans to see what was supposed to be a screening of Wrath of Khan and then springing it on them.

Lucky phreaking bastiches! Neat stuff always happens to other people.

On the upside: it looks like its going to be awesome!

And Harry and a bunch of others were invited to decorate a bunch of models of the new-look NCC-1701, and what they got up there so far is pretty damn cool actually.

I'm liking this.

Even if I wasn't one of the @#$%#ing lucky bastiches that got to get in on this one.

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