20 April 2009

TriMet Map Cover Designs: 1993, 1994

2035.We move on to the next two TriMet Map cover designs, this time: 1993 and 1994.

While MAX is still a big hit with the transit fans, it has become part of the landscape. It's now being incorporated in as just another part of one of America's most celebrated transit systems. The designs change to suit.

The 1993 design is a cheery, blocky, fun thing full of primary color and active play. Everything you might use to get round the town is included as part of a great palette of transportation options: bus, bike, light rail, the personal car has a place still, car/vanpooling, and your own two feet can serve to get you about this metro-area-on-a-human-scale.

The 1993 design is joyous and inviting. It reminds one of child's play blocks or a pleasant day spent at preschool. Portland's fun ... and TriMet can be a part of that!

The 1994 edition really dials back and goes for restraint. My guess is that badge down in the lower left: a bit of dignity, please, as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary of The Nation's Best Transit System. I sincerely enjoy the restrained color palette, the violet suggesting a sort of luxury and "having arrived", and the screened-back logos forming a sort of tessellated pattern that wouldn't look half-bad as a wallpaper (on your screen or on your wall).

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1 comment:

Mario said...

Is it true that the 9-4-94 edition of the TriMet Map has Marquam Hill express service featured, as provided by these following routes?

These Marquam Hill routes are:
61X-via Beaverton Transit Center
64X-via Tigard Transit Center
65X-via Milwaukie Transit Center (via Barbur Transit Center as of 2004 due to Sellwood Bridge being closed to bus service)
66X-via Hollywood Transit Center

1994 was also the year that Coliseum Transit Center was renamed as Rose Quarter Transit Center (the Rose Garden Arena would open the following year). At the time, these TriMet routes served it:
1-Greeley (now part of 35-Macadam/Greeley)
4-Fessenden (part of 4-Division/Fessenden)
5-Interstate (defunct in 2004 due to MAX Yellow Line)
8-NE 15th Avenue (part of 8-Jackson Park/NE 15th Avenue)
10-NE 33rd Avenue (now 73-NE 33rd Avenue; westbound trips end here)
40-Mocks Crest (part of 44-Capitol Hwy./Mocks Crest)
41-Fremont (now 24-Fremont; westbound trips end at Emanuel Hospital stop at North Vancouver Avenue and Stanton)
63-Washington Park/OMSI (OMSI extension defunct circa 2004)
70-12th Avenue
77-Broadway/Lovejoy (now Broadway/Halsey)
85-Swan Island
91X-TV Hwy. Express (defunct in 1998 due to MAX Blue Line westside extension to Hillsboro)