05 April 2009

New Street Sign Moves NW Marshall St Two Blocks North – Get Us Rewrite #2!

2013.Fresh from the blog Sellwood Street, I see proprietor John D has also been on the new-blade lookout. He's found us a gem:

Photo copyright John D of the blog Sellwood Street
(sellwoodstreet.blogspot.com), used for illustration
purposes only. Creator retains all rights.

That looks pretty good! The new form is still consistently followed. That's not all; this is the first instance of the new blades I can recall being on a non-arterial (you can argue that nearly every street in NW Portland is a main street, but it's not one of the through routes I'd recommend to get through the area). All other examples found so far are either on arterials (such as SE Division Street) or main routes through neigborhoods (SE 92nd Avenue).

But, just as our blade at SE 75th and Division has, there's a small problem with that one too. Coincidentally, it's the same one: The block index is wrong. John D nails it as to why, but succinctly, while M (this is PDX's own Alphabet City, remember) is the 13th letter of the alphabet, Marshall Street is not 13 blocks north of Burnside, it's 11. Since the first block (Burnside to Couch) is for addresses between 1 and 99, that makes Couch 100, and counting north, NW Marshall Street is the 1100 block, not the 1300 block.

John asks:

You makin' a list ZehnKatzen?

Maybe I should. Someone ought to!

(mad props to John D and Sellwood Street)

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Ben said...

GRRR. Got some nasty Asian spam e-mails on the comment rolls here. :( Damn trolls.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Ben. Will seek and destroy

Isaac Laquedem said...

I saw one of the new stripy signs this week at 57th and SW Barnes Road, a through road, but not an arterial. It's a nice update of the classic Portland green sign.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

"Stripey" signs. Yeah, that's rather prominent, isn't it?

I'll have to check that corner out. Also, I noted one at the corner of SE Clay and either SE 2nd or 3rd Avenues, so those need a bit of documentation I think.

Thanks for the tip!