28 April 2009

You Are Here. Are You Here? Why Are You Here?

2044.Referred to me by an acquaintance who knows that I quite like this sort of thing, a thing left on a post somewhere on Southeast 11th Avenue, a poster, apparently taken back in February:

The text reads as follows:
SEEKING: CARTOGRAPHERS OF ANY SKILL LEVEL to assist in locating a sense of place. Curiosity, open eyes and ears, and a sense of humor a plus. Open to maps on paper as well as movement, music, narrative and video. Please send a draft of how you "map out" your experiences, discoveries, and psychogeographical landsapes to: mostlandia@gmail.com. Willing to barter with homemade ice creatm. Sincere inquiries only.

That sound easy enough. But how do I email them my blog?

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