09 April 2009

They Say Art Moves People, But A Security Guard's Bad Day Is Going To Cost HIm

2023.From the "I May Not Know Art, But I Know What I Don't Like" file, this little gem from Art Bistro's news:

Timur Serebrykov, 28, of Greenfield, in May left a large vertical gash on the oil canvass of “Night Sky #2” by Vija Celmins. The painting was on loan from the Art Institute of Chicago.


“He apologized,” Sheets said. “He told … investigators he did it because he was in a bad mood and that he didn’t like the painting.
The painting was valued at $1.2 Megabucks; the repair's costing $5 Kilobucks, the vandal will be spending about a year in jail; the value of the painting dropped by $240,000, and if you add the value lost at the repair up you have a bill for restitution that is being sent to the vandal, a bill he'll likely spend the rest of his life paying off.

Yet another good reason to leave your bad moods at the door when you show up for work, and if they nice museum docent tells you to back away from the painting, then we suggest you take that advice.

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