08 August 2004

The Bush/Nixon Axis, Exhbit #1

This is George W. Bush's America:

You will be required to not only sign a loyalty oath but pledge your vote to the Leader to see him in a rally.[1]

Reporters and photogs may well be expected to declare their race if they are assigned to report on the President.[2]

This is evil behavior. Why are they getting a pass on this?

Me, I think if a person or group who seems decent on the surface feels, for whatever reason, compelled to do such things, the question is begged: What's compelling them to do so?

Arrogance? Knowing that they'll at best be "tsk-tsk'd" over it?

[1] Albuquerque Journal, 30 July 2004
[2] Arizona Daily Star, 31 July 2004

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