12 August 2004

Will Someone Please Explain John McCain?

First they went after him in the 2000 elections, with lies so scurrilous that I do not care to repeat them.

Then they went after Kerry's military record-and are still doing so-in such a dishonorable way, they ought to be ashamed. They aren't, but they should be.

And McCain called them on it, noting that "they pulled this on me."

So, if McCain is a War Hero, more than that, a Republican War Hero, more than that, a Loyal Republican War Hero, which I would think would be worth its weight in gold, why did they treat him with such contempt?

And if they treat him with such contempt, and do him such dirt, why does he still love his party and support his partisans?
Does he have any self-respect left? Or do years in the Republican party make you into a self-depracating bitch for your party?

Click here to see how John McCain behaves toward people who can't actually stand him.

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