30 August 2004

Marooned In the Doldrums

What I have to do to get to sleep: a shot and a half of blackstrap rum. I have had problems with going to and staying asleep, despite the enervating job I have. I'll not be able to go to sleep, regardless of how tired I was at work, until 1030 or so, and will only sleep till about three or four.

This is one of the reasons I am not completely enamored of my own life. I have school coming up, too.

At least I can take the Dreamweaver class online.

Development: Due to a bit of donateware from Telegraphics, a fine Ozzie firm (click this parenthetical to go to their download site), I have the ability to save .psd's in Win .ico format from Photoshop. Icoformat is a plugin and well worth the cost/effort in acquisition. Free unlimited use, $5 donation to PayPal requested. I'll probably do it in a little while; right now it'd be the Cruzan Traditional Navy Rum talking.

Right now the result is that now I have my own favicon (that little blue, yellow, and white bit in the address bar). Huzzah me!

Latest acquistitions in the Media department; a good anniverserary with The Wife[tm]. It's number 14, thankyuvermuch. Such is the glory in getting married on a decadal year, it's a snap to figure how long you've been married (though I sometimes get that wrong in the right way, a subject for another posting). I got her Have Gun Will Travel, the Complete First Season and a Black & Decker food processor she's been wanting for a while. She was very happy. She got me a gift box of the first thirtteen epis of the Gerry Anderson series UFO (1969), an old favorite from childhood. I've wondered: if the science in Gerry's series (Space:1999, Thunderbirds, UFO, et.al.) is so piss poor, why are they so damn much fun to watch?

She also advance-ordered The Day After Tomorrow. My The Wife[tm] dotes on me, in her inimitable way.

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