06 August 2004

For Shame. For Shame.

Follow this link to boston.com. What is the head of a group calling itself "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" doing retracting his statements? Someone who defended Kerry in '96 against charges that he didn't deserve his Silver Star, just to reverse his stand after Kerry appeared with his band of brothers?

I believe in our troops. They carry out hearts and hopes out into the world and do what they can to keep us safe.

These guys...well, they just make me mad. I'm satisfied that ten of the eleven crewmembers who were actually on his swift boat are backing him up. The only one who isn't has gone on to his just reward.

I won't say I'm ashamed of the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth". I will note that they have to look themselves in the mirror.

Remember Ed Schultz's two rules? This is Rule One in the flesh.

Read Eschaton to get some truth on this.

And read the other news. McCain has criticized this. Even the President is distancing himself.

Oh, and by the way, we are about 7,000,000 behind in jobs, according to those who can add, subtract, and remember what the Council on Economic Advisors said we'd have about now.

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