17 April 2008

[art, toons] Hereville Rocks Me

1492. I like art and literature that doesn't treat me like I'm a Grisham-reading sheep. Good art and literature should take your imagination out for a spin, make you rise to its level rather than dumb itself down to yours. I like stories I have to take on.

Right now, I'm fighting a battle with Thomas Pynchon's V. Right now, Pynchon's winning, but I digress (that's what you get from graduating from Salem Public Schools. The aversion to classics, I mean, not the digression; that's probably genetic).

Anyway, after displaying Ampersand's sketchbook page I noticed a link on Alas! to a place called Hereville, described modestly as maybe the best dragon-fighting Orthodox Jewish 11-year-old girl comic you'll read all day.

It's glorious, deep, clever, and intelligent; finally, a take on the hero's tale which doesn't look like it was cribbed straight outta G.I. Joseph Campbell. Mirka won me over from the start.

If you're comic cognosenci, you know about it already. I just have to go on record and say how much I like this work. It's nifty.

I can't afford to buy a copy, so I'm following it (it updates every Wednesday). If you can, buy it.

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