16 September 2007

[bloggage] Another Blog; The Wife™'s Food Blog Debut

948. The Wife™, someone who said she'd never do this, has created a blog at long last.

Why? Because eventually most people will find a passion and want to share what they've found out or, at least, make themselves findable to like minds. This is the finer aspect of blogging, IMO.

Her blog, Adventures in Period Food, http;//tec-cooks.blogspot.com, concerns itself with the interesting things she's found and continues to find about cooking the the medieval style. It's authored under her SCA handle, "Teceangl" (tek-ANG-gl). The word "Period" here has a particular meaning; it's Society for Creative Anachronism-speak for the time of the Society's concern, namely, what is conventially (by us, anyway) defined as "Middle Ages", that period before the European use of gunpowder (the beginning of modern warfare)–prior to 1650.

As it occurs, a lot of "foodies", self made or otherwise, find a home in the SCA because learning about how our ancestors cooked and ate is just that interesting.

No schedule for updating; it's what she finds, when she finds it. But as my figure will attest, what she finds is usually very good.

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