01 September 2007

[design] Yet Another Example of a Dream Job

934. Designing a street signage update for any middling to large Willamette Valley city.

(The link goes to Celine's ever-charming Stayton Daily Photo, which is not to say that Stayton needs a sign redesign, but if they want, I'm available. Also, as a child of Silverton, things about east Marion County just plain appeal to me)

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Celine said...

I think Stayton could do with a little signage updating, personally.

And thanks for the 'ever-charming' compliment about my blog. :)

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Stayton's signage does the job. This, of course, does not mean that it is particularly inspiring. It is cleanly executed and effective, but...well, ordinary.

I love your little photoblog. I started out in Silverton as often I have said, so a lot of images have these unspoken elements that communicate to me on a gut level. Sometimes just by looking at something you know it comes from east Marion County, and I find that comforting. Also, various members of my family have dwelt in Stayton.

It's a charming place, and I love your "trees for the forest" approach to it.