19 September 2007

[liff] In Which We Find We Live in Al's House

955. When we acquired the Station our realtor had said that the house had a bit of a history, and its original owner was a successful and renowned Portland newspaper photographer.

Yesterday, we figured out who that was, thanks to a bit of "junk" ('scuse the expression in this case) mail. As it turns out, the original owner of our humble abode was a man named Al Monner.

Who?, you might ask. We did.

This fellow is Al Monner.

What kind of photos did he take? Photos like these here, which documented Portland through the middle third of the 20th Century.

And if nothing else, we also find that it was his photo on the cover of the Oregon Journal in a 1968 issue that was responsible for the naming of Cathedral Park.

My studio was, once, this man's office. So I shall in future approach my work here with some reverence, which I think should be most appropriate.

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