07 September 2007

[liff] How To Get a Free Doughnut on SW Broadway

941. In this case, it took walking into the lobby of The Oregonian building at 1320 SW Broadway to drop off my app packet for the editorial page designer job.

There were some genuninely nice people. It was quite a positive experience, even it it was brief: the lady guard at the security station gave me a smile and the lady behind the reception counter was the model of affability.

On the way out, some other women in the lobby (who wore black t-shirts with a typographically-logo-like treatment of the word mix (each letter in its own circle) inveigled me to have a doughnut, directing me to the table gauntlet that I had to run to get back to the reception desk in the first place.

But it was all good. So was the doughnut. Had a spice-glaze on it...yum.

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