24 September 2007

[pdx] There Was an Earthquake Last Night?

963. Way back when...the "Spring Break Quake"...I felt it. It woke me up. I thought, at first, that it was our upstairs numbskull neighbors were playing woofers way too overdriven. Within a few minutes I was on the computer, doing IRC with everyone else who had felt it.

We've had various and sundry earthquakes since then. I haven't felt a one. Not even last night's. I'm starting to wonder were my head is. My sweet backside is usually in a chair during those hours...you'd thought I would have felt it...

Since I'm testing out Bleezer, here's a picture insert. Once again...the cat



Mover Mike said...

Does Bleezer handle php ads?

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...


I'll be honest with you...I don't know if it does or it doesn't. As you know, I don't do ads on this here blog, so I don't have experience...and it's not explicitly mentioned in any of the Bleezer documentation I've seen.

So far, I've found Bleezer to be flawed but workable. It's frozen once on me and won't upload pictures from my desktop or my home machine to blogger. Experiments are ongoing, and the fact that Bleezer's free mean that I'm getting good value...and it will edit posted posts, which Contribute won't do anymore and which seems to have stymied both Adobe and Blogger.

The fellows who came up with Bleezer, though, are on the spot on replying to queries...I'd highly suggest you go to their page (www.bleezer.com) and ask them. I had a problem with a downloaded file and they responded with a corrected file within 6 hours (try getting that sort of support on things you pay for!).