18 September 2007

[pdx_politik] Actually, I Do Have a Couple of Problems With Sam Adams

952. Thank God for Lars Larson! Now that the Mouth of the Month has teamed up with the WW to show us just what Sam's made of. We Portlanders have long needed a Sam Adams airing session, so it's nice to know that, at long last, it's on!

I have two things about Sam that have always, well...bothered me:

  1. A few years back, when I needed to layout an Issue of the Sierra Club's local Columbia Group newsletter, the Columbia Overlook, we wanted a head shot of Sam to illustrate the issue's endorsement of him. A few emails to his staff were never answered or even acknowledged.
  2. A long time ago, before I changed to New Blogger (and accidentally trashed my blogroll in the act) I linked to Sam. He never linked back.

Ahh, that feels so much better. Sam, you can gain absolution by linking here. It's a bit late for a headshot for the Overlook now, but that's life in the publishing world.

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Jeff the Great said...

I am guess you are the first person to ever speak the words "Lars larson", "Teamed up" and "WW" in the same sentance.

This day should be decalred a national blog holiday.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Aptly noted, Jeff. it's a true...and terrible point.

Yes, it should be a holiday...if the very post itself doesn't cause a rift in the time/space continuum due to the pressure it puts on reality.

If it does happen, I'm very sorry.

(PS: I've linked both your blogs for being rather witty!)

Jeff the Great said...

I am honored, thank you!