01 September 2007

[bloggage] The Spa Fon Project

932. The status of the ongoing Contribute process is that Adobe tech support is aware of the ongoing post editing problem and is trying to run it down. I don't know what, if any progress they're making on it, but I trust, so far, that they are doing what they can about it.

This one may be a tough nut to crack. I, so far, remain convinced that it's something in the Blogger system. After all, Contribute CS3 posts with no problem. And now that I've suspended feed redirection I can open posts for editing. For some reason, the changes are not recorded, however. Contribute itself seems to be working fine, so, my line of deductive reasoning points at something on the Blogger end.

However, the problem seemed to crop up suddenly. It may resolve just so. So, to this end, I occasionally open up a extant posting and try to add the nonsense words spa fon? somewhere in it. If the ever stick, they stay. That way, we have some idea of when the problem stopped, sort of a break point.

Then this will move to phase 2: Squa Tront!

But if the phrase spa fon? starts to litter itself elsewhere about this chronicle, that's why. I'll see to it that Contribute CS3 works if it's the last thing Blogger does!

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