13 September 2007

[design] Applying to Lazerquick

945. This took a bit longer than I'd thought–thier online questionnaire is pretty extensive.

Takeaway here: just because most modern layout engines do a hell of a good job of trapping, you still have to know what it is. Map that to the context: never forget your basic knowledge!

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Sara Jeanné said...

They must have revamped their online application since I applied three years ago. Hopefully they revamped their starting pay as well!

I'm on the hunt for a graphic design job too...isn't it the pits?

Good luck to you!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

I'm feeling you there, SJ. Tougher than I'd thought.

I hear LQ is starting around $15/hour, and that's more than I'm doing now, so it would be welcome!

Thanks for the good wishes.