13 September 2007

[liff] Mark Hudson Is Now My Friend

944. Now. latterly, on my MySpace page (on which I have all of 12, yeah, count 'em boiii!, friends, I have recently been added by Mark Hudson.

Yeah, you know...the Hudson Brothers? Yeah! That guy! He's gone quite a ways since then.

The Hudson Brothers were kind of 70's Portland's answer to Paul Revere and the Raiders, in the appropriate mode: the Raiders had a costume theme act, like a lot of 50's bands did, and the Hudsons were teen-heartthrob sorts.

While I never bought any of thier albums, I did follow thier career a little bit. See, when I was growing up, it felt like nothing cool really ever did come from Oregon (at least from my POV in little ol' Silverton, which, trust me, was quite self-limiting). When I heard that a big-time Portland pop band had a Saturday morning kids show, you know I had to check it out.

Some perceptive soul was able to get a clip of the opening and a typical ending. Here, for your amusement, a bit of The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show:

It was all goofy, corny kid's fun, complete with a slew of running gags. The pint-sized TV exec at the end was one, as was Mark's trying to read his book, them being netted off-stage, and the kid trying to offer them something like that soft ice-cream sandwich, as was the "No thanks...we're trying to cut down" response. There was also one where the fellows play knights who try to decline a certain challenge until the female cast member appeared on the balcony asking "but what about for me...Lady Patricia?". They would then try, only to fail really really well. Like I said, corny kids stuff-but funny.

I can't for the life of me remember how The Bear worked in there.

I do remember Murray Langston–he went on from there to be "The Unknown Comic" on 70's cable TV for quite a long time–an act that was decidedly adult.

Good times. Good memories.

The Brothers moved on from there down different paths. Mark has had a particularly colorful life; Bill helped create Kate Hudson. What a history, neh?

So, anyway, Mark Hudson's my friend now–at least in that certain MySpace way.

Here's his page...check out what he's done for yourself. That adds up to quite an adventure.

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