21 September 2007

[design] It's Interview Day!

959. One of the resumes I've sent out lately has resulted in an interview.

Today. In about 5 and a half hours. Sleep? Who has time?

Because, you see, what's worth going for is worth going for. Got my stuff ready to go, though.

I'll not say who just yet.

Spa fon?

Update: edited 0916 to remove a greengrocer's apostrophe. Typographer's honor demands that I mention this.

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Heidi said...

So? How did it go?

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks for asking...

Well, the interview itself went well. I thought I defended by portfolio pretty well.

But I don't think I "stuck" it, if you follow me. I believe I'm a strong contender but my porfolio, quite frankly, is kinda weak. Since I haven't yet found any real-world work to speak of as far as actually designing, it's still heavy in student projects.

I'm starting to look for one-offs in logo and layout so I can actually get some real-world stuff in there. Now, I think my student work stands me in good stead, but I'm no fool-all else being equal, skill-set wise (and I know it's my skill set that gets my toe in the door) someone with a few real-world apps will get the nod over me.

But, my skill set is strong (not too many can say they have proficiency in two Adobe CS3 editions (Design Premium and Web)

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

No joy here, alas. They "found someone else".