23 September 2007

[or_politik] Let Steve Speak

962. Regardless of how I feel about our Senatorial candidates this time around, and even though I support Merkley, I think we (as an electorate) and Steve Novick (in particular) are getting the short end of the stick.

Since I follow local politics a bit closer than the average bear (but not so closely that I'd go off an start a %100 political blog) I have noticed rather a dearth on actual reporting on what Steve is doing, thinking and saying. When he does try something to garner publicity, look what happens.

Recently, it is a secret to nobody, he released a Pirate-themed news release on International Talk Like A Pirate day. He's been mostly ridiculed for that; the Astoria Daily Tidings as already dealt him out of the race.

I think that ITLP Day is kind of tired, myself, FWIW...but I appreciated the humor involved.

These days, when you think about political campaigns, you tend to hear things like "electability", "face appeal", "center", "fringe", and all sorts of terms that make it easy not to think. You have to carry around a translation book these days to parse what everyone's trying to say and have to carry around Diogenes' lamp in order to see your way through all the influencing. When The Media™ take it upon themselves to try to start choosing the candidate for you, then they aren't doing anyone any favors, and they are in fact contributing to the cynicism about them that both sides (both the good guys as well as the opposition) share.

I remember some months ago when Novick entered the race, and I recall the feeling of disappointment–then as well as now–that The News™ wasn't really paying any attention to him. Wasn't it remarkable per se that someone had the courage to stand up and say "I'll do it" then?

Merkley's my candidate for a variety of reasons, not least because I was mad impressed with the job he did in the Lege last session as well as the fact that he's my Rep and that he's smarter than the proverbial whip.

But if Novick has something to say, I want to hear it. I also want The News™ to treat him as though he was actually running, which he has been (and they have not). I've seen the main points of his platform, and I agree with him on much much more than I disagree with him on.

So please, The News™, give him his due–tell me what he's doing with a little more respect. I can't speak for none other but myself (as your average, unarmed American) but unless you do, you're not being unfair just to him, but to all of us. I may not be Einstein, but I'm smart enough to choose my own candidates. Don't choose them for me.

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Oregonian37 said...

Unfortunately I think I'd have to give up on the mainstream media and follow BlueOregon, or more likely LoadedOrygon. Realistic coverage of political happenings has been dying a hard and painful death in commercial media for a long time. Letters to the Editor seem to be the only thing that vaguely works on something of a regular basis.

Nice job pointing this out.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks for the word.

You have the right of it. And my satisfaction over finding my news my way over the blogs is somewhat tempered by the observation that if The News™ was doing its job, self-driven news and political blogging as we now know it would be unnecessary.

I tend to check the same sites you do, also Eschaton (atrios.blogspot.com) and DemocraticUnderground.com for the national picture.